Behind The Scenes - Why We Started Aussenskin

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Behind The Scenes - Why We Started Aussenskin 

Glenda and I haven't actually met yet (covid issues and we live on different sides of the country) but we have been brought together by similar situations - trying to gather our forces again after losing our houses from divorce and raising our kids alone.
We wanted to build an ethical business that will one day support our families, allow us to get our houses in our own names, and then to support other women in business. We already pledge 10% of our profits to food relief, as we both remember how scary it can be thinking we may not be able to feed our kids.

So we started Aussenskin - Australian Sensitive Skin. 

We both have sensitive skin, we found a cosmetic chemist who specialises in this and dove in. We wanted to make our customers feel very special, so our products come in beautiful gift bags tied with satin ribbons, with bonus gifts inside them of a facial massage guasha, or removeable makeup wipes. We wrap everything in sustainable packaging.
Glenda labels and packs each one by hand and posts them, does all of the product and package sourcing. She clears each guasha of any negative energy using palo santo and then infuses them with love and joy.
I (Victoria) do the marketing, advertising and graphics (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Google), made and maintains the website, manages Google, does customer support and communicate with influencers and stockists.
We both work full time in other jobs and sacrifice many a weekend and evening to work on Aussenskin. 
Glenda and I have been meeting every week for about 1.5 years via Zoom, and are going to finally meet in person in a couple of weeks when I fly over from Perth to Sydney.

Our website and products launched in January 2022 and we sell from Australia and can post globally. 

The Aussenskin products are all natural, long lasting and work particularly well on sensitive skin, although any skin type will benefit from the hero ingredients we have in them. 
We are currently getting them approved to sell on Amazon in the US and then we will move them into Singapore also. 
Thank you for listening to our story!

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