What should my guasha be made of?

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What should my guasha be made of?

If you've been seeing guasha's made from different materials, you may be wondering what is the best one?
Let's go through the different types you can get and you'll have a better understanding in order to choose. 
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Materials used in gua sha tools


Jade is a common material used for gua sha tools for a reason. Jade is said to promote calm, balance, and positivity, as well as protect against negative energy.
It’s a naturally cool gemstone that feels super soothing on skin. The stone is also thought to have balancing qualities. It's a beautiful green colour.


Traditional gua sha tools were once made from animal bones, but this is less common today. Most gua sha tools are now made with stone materials.

Rose quartz

Rose is considered by some to be a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. Thanks to its calming properties, rose quartz is said to be particularly great for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. Rose quartz is light pink in colour.

Stainless steel

Some stone gua sha tools can potentially trap and harbor bacteria due to their porosity.  While metal may not have traditional healing properties in the same way crystals do, it’s great for summer. 


Amethyst is believed to help relieve stress and reduce negative energy. The dark purple stone is also said to promote clarity and relaxation.

Bian stone

Bian stone has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It’s a stone containing trace minerals that are believed to benefit overall health.
Evidence suggests bian stone may be helpful in regulating blood pressure.


Black Obsidian

Made from cooled molten lava and is packed with microscopic minerals making it perfect for reducing inflammation.

Want to know how to use a guasha?

We have it all laid out for you here: 




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