Gua Shas, Gua shas …. what exactly are they?

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Gua Shas, Gua shas …. what exactly are they?

The Gua sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine, the Chinese used the gua sha to both increase energy flow and blood circulation.

Jade; the natural crystal of 'eternal youth', has been embraced in Chinese culture for many years with the intention to maintain a youthful appearance.  

The Aussenskin jade gua sha is simply an softly crafted, angled stone made out of jade crystal, which is used to sweep the skin on the face to promote both blood flow and energy flow.  So, using the jade gua sha in your everyday beauty routine is a great idea both from a skincare and an energy balancing perspective.

The consistent use of the jade gua sha tool helps improve blood flow to the face which results in better skin, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.  Skin elasticity is improved, while muscle tensions and wrinkles are reduced.

Gua Shas ….. Ok I know what they are - How do I use them?

Each soft angle of the stone has been constructed specifically for different parts of your face.  For example, imagine the curved heart shape of the Aussenskin gua sha; the top of the heart, is perfect for the eye and the jaw line contours, the concave shape on the side is made to suit the forehead and the cheek areas.

It's recommended to apply a good quality Aussenskin moisturiser or serum to the skin before using the jade gua sha to promote increased absorption.

Hold the tool at a 45 degree angle, start from the centre of the face and work around, applying firm pressure over the face, sweeping against the skin in an upwards and outwards motion in long, even strokes.

For best results, do this every day for a few minutes.

Gua Shas – Healing; cleansing and charging

Using crystals as facial massage tools is now widely understood to have many benefits and is very popular.

The Aussenskin gua shas are made from cleansed and charged jade crystal, which is both body and chakra-safe.

The jade gua sha stones are prized in Chinese culture and healing for their resilience, and their relationship to the earth; they take eons to form and are the perfect fusion of both natures elements and time.  It is believed that jade has the ability to help balance your inner energies and relax the nervous system.

Jade crystals are regarded and revered as entities which hold both spirit and consciousness of their own.  So they help with healing both physically; improving the skin, and spiritually; joining a person's energy field with that of the stone.  Spiritually, the green stones like jade are considered the grounding crystals, which helps skin heal, restore and purify.

For ongoing best results, keep your jade gua sha clean by washing it with soap and water before using it, and, if you are so inclined, regularly recharge it in sunlight or moonlight.  Full moons are great!

Lovingly Cleansed with Palo Santo

Before being lovingly packed into your skincare product, the Aussenskin jade crystal gua sha has been cleared of negative energy using palo santo smudging with the stated intention of purification of the crystal using good fortune and love.

Charged with Healing and Abundance

Following the cleansing of the Aussenskin jade crystal gua shas, they have then been charged with love, health and abundance.  The universe has also been requested to bestow upon each soul who receives one of these crystals, healing energy on all levels.

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Gua sha instructions


Author: Glenda F. Co-Founder of Aussenskin. 


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