Growing Younger

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The science of growing younger may seem like a fairy-tale or snake oil. The truth is that a growing body of research is pointing to the causes of ageing. By knowing the causes, we can prevent the damage that these processes due to our body, and in some cases, even reverse it. By making smarter lifestyle choices, we can also preserve a youthful mind, body and spirit well into our senior years. Age really can become just a number once you’ve discovered the science of growing younger.

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Chapter 1 - How To Look 45 At 60

Chapter 2 - The Role Of Enzymes In The Ageing Process

Chapter 3 Top 7 Anti-Aging Foods

Chapter 4 Herbal Approaches To Turning Back The Years

Chapter 5 Keeping Memory Sharp

Chapter 6: De-Stress Your Way To A Younger Self Conclusion

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